Wendy Cope, Carol Ann Duffy, Jo Shapcott, Penelope Shuttle, Mark Doty, Peter Blegvad, Andrew Motion, Alice Oswald, Ruth Fainlight and Daljit Nagra

Cover image: Carreg by Mary Lloyd Jones, courtesy of the artist and Martin Tinney Gallery, Wales

Vol 99, No 2, Summer 2009

Editor: Fiona Sampson

Carol Ann Duffy, Cold
Tadeusz Dabrowski, [Untitled]
D. Nurkse , Early Morning, Late Summer, Unmade Bed
Jo Shapcott, Viral Landscape and Procedure
Atar Hadari, Coat Buying
Penelope Shuttle, Bedtime You
Fred Beake, Tu Fu’s Lamentation In Autumn And Exile
Wendy Cope, from The Audience
David Morley, Camargues
A.A. Marcoff, Composition
Arthur Boyars, Adam, Eve And The Serpent, By Lucas Cranach
Siriol Troup, Translating Proust
Tsvetanka Elenkova, Pain
Julian Stannard, Bar Degli Specchi
Wojciech Bonowicz, Celan
Timothy Allen, The Wooing Of Kiê`u By Kim
Janet Sutherland, Assemblage Des Beautés
Sean Elliott, Domestic Behaviour
Daljit Nagra , Kalaka Gora’s Penal Braggadocio
Alan Brownjohn, Ludbrooke: His Cash Flow
Margo Berdeshevsky, Wind
Dan Burt, Momentum
Susan Wicks, The English Couples
Simon Armitage, The Last Panda
Omar Sabbagh, Poppies
Fred Voss, Freud Surfs Amazon.com
Pascale Petit, The Little Deer
Kay Syrad, “Registering their flora / their fauna”
Ruth Fainlight, Facts About Ants
John Whitworth, Wittgenstein’s Show And Tell
Elizabeth Barrett, from Stone Psalms
Peter Carpenter, Orion

Menna Elfyn, Under The Influence
Balkan Haiku: Dejan Bogojevic, Primoz Repar, Luko Paljetak, Aleksandar Prokopiev
Steven Matthews, Modern Poetry: A Way Of Happening Or,Of Non-happening
Patrick Dubost / Armand the Poêt, The Words “The Future”

Sam Leith on Tomas Venclova and Mark Doty
Douglas Houston on Derek Mahon, Nina Cassian and George Szirtes Sarah Crown on Sharon Olds and Ruth Stone
John Burnside on Marie Etienne and Arundhathi Subramaniam
Alan Brownjohn on Andrew Motion
Steven Matthews on Glyn Maxwell
Andy Brown on Alice Oswald and Paul Muldoon
Vidyan Ravinthiran on Roddy Lumsden, David Constantine, Claire Crowther and Sarah Wardle
Tim Liardet on Chris Wallace-Crabbe and Robert Minhinnick
David Morley on selected translations Sarah Maskill on Peter Bennet, Sarah Corbett, Todd Swift and Jane Holland

Robin Vaughan-Williams, Letter From Reykjavík
Peter Blegvad, The Writing Life