Volume 102, No 3, Autumn 2012


from Tom Phillips’s A Humument © The artist, 2012“I take my pleasures from where
I will, and no one generation or band of poets has a monopoly on these. Nor, of course, does any single art form, which is why you’ll find notice taken here of cross-overs between poetry and fine art, prose fiction, song-writing and the stage. Poetry cannot, for its own health, stay at home
all day"

Charles Boyle, Guest editor




Dan O’Brien, The War Reporter Paul Watson and Dirty Business, The Poet Runs
John Gohorry, from The Age of Saturn
Sarah Howe, Belonging to the Emperor, Fabulous
James McGonigal, Towards Winter
Hilary Menos, Long Pig
David Wheatley, For Cosimo di Piero
Sinéad Morrissey, Puzzle
Tiffany Atkinson, Phallus Impudicus, (
Chris McCabe, The Alchemist
Michael Hofmann,
see something say something
Alice Fulton, After the Angelectomy, from
Rondo for Singing Clock
Fred Voss, Soul Washroom     
Gerry Cambridge,
Dannie Abse, Talking to Myself
Robin Fulton Macpherson, Hearing the Sea
C.J. Drive, An Interruption
Carrie Etter, My Mother’s Ashes
John Hartley Williams, Still Grieving
Angelina Ayers, Days
Karen McCarthy Woolf,
The Museum of Best-Laid Plans
Edward Mackay, The Size of Wales
Patrick Mackie,
A Brief And Helpless Treatise On The Subject Of The Heart
David Morley, World’s Eye
Declan Ryan, From Alun Lewis
Judy Kravis, His Heroic Youth
James Sutherland-Smith, Nuptials
Mona Arshi, Ghazal
Andrew Elliott , The Milkman
Robert Stein,
Fourteeen Untitled Images, 1919
Candy Neubert, ways to leave
Graham Allison, Leaving Buenos Aires
Naomi Foyle, from Witwalking
Liane Strauss, In the Divorce
Rosie Shepperd,
“Don’t take drugs, Allen, get married”
Hannah Lowe, Dance Class
Julia Reckless, Fly Away Home
Richard Scott, Maz
Rory Waterman, The Outings
Pascale Petit,
Portrait of My Father as St Julien le Pauvre
Amy Acre, The Ends of the Earth
Miles Burrows, What to Do After the Funeral
Julian Stannard,
Lunch with Margot and Tinker
August Kleinzahler, Late Indian Summer,
Self-criticism at 3 a.m.
Ben Wilkinson, October, Joie de Vivre
Penelope Shuttle, Hvallator

Poetry Society Annual Lecture 2012
Paul Muldoon 'The Word on the Street'

Essays & Review
Chris McCabe on Tom Phillips’s A Humument
Chrissy Williams on poetry taking to the stage
Katy Evans-Bush on Glyn Maxwell and Adventures in Form
Helena Nelson reviews Clive James and James Fenton
James Sutherland-Smith reviews Paul Farley and Tom Paulin
Ian Brinton on Anthony Barnett
Thomas A. Clark on Ian Hamilton Finlay
Will Stone on Stephen Romer’s translation of Yves Bonnefoy
Ian Duhig reads Leeds
Patrick McGuinness defects from poetry to fiction

Fiona Moore reviews Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Nick Drake, Ian Pindar, Mary O’Malley

Todd Swift reviews Dennis O’Driscoll, Harry Clifton, Peter Robinson, Evan Jones

Michael Hulse on Lesley Saunders and Stephen Edgar

Peter Hughes on Ken Edwards, Carol Watts, Maggie O’Sullivan, Anne Carson
Tim Dooley on the legacy of Louis MacNeice
André Naffis-Sahely on Ruth Padel’s
The Mara Crossing
David Morley reviews a tidal wave of pamphlets


Contributor news

Dannie Abse’s poem ‘Talking to Myself’ appears first in his 2013 collection, Speak, Old Parrot (Hutchinson).
Mona Arshi won the 2012 Magma poetry competition. She is one of ten poets selected for ‘The Complete Works II’.
John Gohorry was placed third in the flamingofeather poetry competition.
Sarah Howe is isone of ten poets selected for ‘The Complete Works II’. She was awarded the Harper-Wood Studentship for English Poetry and Literature (2012) by St John's College, Cambridge.
Hannah Lowe’s first collection Chick was published by Bloodaxe in January 2013.
Candy Neubert was shortlisted for the 2013 Strokestown International Poetry Award.
Dan O’Brien’s debut collection, War Reporter, was published by Hanging Loose Press in Brooklyn and CB Editions in London in 2013. His play, based on the same, will be presented at the Gate Theatre, London, in 2014.
Robert Stein was commended in the 2012 National Poetry Competition.