Poetry in the News 2009


31 Woman's Hour celebrates a year in poetry, with Fiona Sampson, Carol Ann Duffy, Jen Hadfield and Alice Oswald (BBC)

21 A new poem for Tony Blair by Simon Armitage (Guardian)

20 Hearing a poet reading their own work is endlessly entertaining (William Leith / Guardian)

20 Don Paterson reveals his fantasy career (Observer)

18 Simon Armitage: "I'm quite boyish in my outlook" (Independent)

16 SLAMbassadors mentioned in feature on 'rapid fire poetry' (Times Online)

14 Maitreyabandhu wins £1000 Basil Bunting Poetry Competition; 2nd Peter Bennet; 3rd Poetry Society member Jane Routh (Journal Live)

12 Christmas roundup: poetry books (Guardian)

11 Derek Walcott appointed professor of poetry at Essex (Guardian)

10 Fiona Sampson, Poetry Review Editor, picks the best poetry books for Xmas (Independent)

9 Judith Palmer, Director of the Poetry Society: "The (Oxford Poetry Professor) contest is notoriously bruising, and there have been many excellent poets who would not dream of putting themselves forward" (Guardian)

8 Oxford announces changes to voting system for new Professor of Poetry. (Oxford University Website)

Judith Palmer, Director of the Poetry Society. "(Carol Ann Duffy is) a very funny person, with a fantastic sense of humour, and I think in the months and years to come the public will discover what a versatile poet she is." (Telegraph)

7 "In a nearby coffee shop, a young Wilfred Owen broods over his rejection slip from the Poetry Review." (Guardian)

6 Laureate puts political spin on 12 days of Xmas (Observer). Read the poem in full in the RadioTimes

4 Your brain on poetry (Huffington Post)

3 Poe's poetry to fetch record price (Telegraph)

Ted Hughes was a prophet of climate change (Times Online)

2 Who killed John Keats? (Times Online)

2 The rise of poetry in advertising (Guardian)

2 Poetry Society member Liz Berry wins tall-lighthouse poetry competition

1 Poetry Society member David Gilbert joint 3rd in Troubadour Poetry Prize

1 Why only Poets' Corner will do for Ted Hughes (Simon Armitage, Standard)


30 Why I never became a poet (Guardian)

29 Ruth Padel: "I rush into things... I'm full of self-doubt"

27 Can literature face the storm of climate change?  (Independent)

25 Sexus Maximus! (Mail Online)

25 Costa nominations (Times Online)

24 Poetry increases brain activity (Guardian)

22 Larkin loved his mum and dad (Telegraph)

22 Schiller's 250th (Guardian)

20 Who painted over Poetry Society commissioned poem at Waterloo? (Spectator)

20 Keith Waldrop wins National Book Award for Poetry (CBS)

20 Auden and Britten meet at the National Theatre (Wall St Journal)

19 Dyslexic girl wins national poetry prize (Witney Gazette)

18 Andrew Motion to chair 2010 Man Booker Prize (BBC)

14 100 best books of the decade includes Duffy, Imlah, Donaghy, Armitage, Oswald, Logue, Hughes (Collected), and Staying Alive (Times)

14 Maya Angelou interview (Guardian)

14 Blake Morrison reviews A Century of Poetry Review (Guardian)

12 Salt's campaign funds eroded by bad autumn sales

9 Motion: "So what if I copied work? Shakespeare did all the time" (Times)

9 Jo Shapcott: Do women write female poetry? (Guardian)

9 TS Eliot's Margate shelter (Stephen Moss, Guardian)

7 PS members Michael Swan and Jane Tozer placed in Stephen Spender prize (Times)

7 JO Morgan wins Aldeburgh prize (Guardian)

6 Poet and playwright new Welsh Archdruid (BBC)

5 Bright Star 'better than The Piano' (Guardian)

5 Larkin statue to be unveiled (Hull Daily Mail)

5 The wasteland that was TS Eliot's first marriage (Josephine Hart, Standard)

4 Save a great London poetry landmark - The Waterloo installation of Sue Hubbard's poem Eurydice (Chris Hamilton-Emery, Guardian)

4 Stephen King publishes a poem in Playboy (Guardian)

4 'A quite extraordinary affair’: the impetuous life and free-ranging work of Lynette Roberts (TLS)

 Siegfried Sassoon archive likely to stay in UK after £550,000 award (Guardian)

2 Ben Whishaw interview for Bright Star (Telegraph)

2 When Keats met Vivienne Westwood (Guardian)

1 Letters debunk myth of TS Eliot's cruelty (Times Online)


31 Michael Morpurgo: my hero, Ted Hughes (Guardian)

30 Alan Bennett: why Auden the bore nearly turned me off writing (Guardian)

30 Byron's vitriolic letters set auction record (Times)

28 £3,000 Keats-Shelley prize goes to DH Maitreyabandhu (Guardian)*

*Read Maitreyabandhu's 'Visitation' online - from the current Poetry Review

28 Forensic experts begin exhuming a mass unmarked grave that could hold Lorca's remains (NY Times)

26 Emma Jones's The Striped World nominated for £5,000 Llewellyn Rhys prize. (Bookseller)

26 John Keats suffered agonising death at hands of bungling doctor, new book claims (Telegraph)

24 Tony Harrison's literary heroes (Guardian)

22 Simon Armitage writing about TS Eliot shortlist

21 "Government risks losing money as well as creativity if arts funding is cut"

21 Are theatre and poetry really so different? 

20 Vicar fed up with Tina Turner and 'nan's poetry' at funerals 

19 Bright Star review (Standard)

17 Craig Raine "There is more lying about sex than about any other area so it's very important to be truthful"

10 Clive James 
"Showbusiness has fuelled my work as a poet and a critic." (Guardian)

9 Is poetry undergoing a revival? (Telegraph)

9 Less than half of Primary School teachers can name 3 poets (Mail)

9 Josephine Hart: "Poets deserve our thanks for their dedication to the craft of capturing and preserving experience" (Guardian)

9 Is T.S.Eliot really the nation's favourite poet? (Telegraph) 

9  Fiona Sampson comments on Herta Müller, winner of the Nobel literature prize (Independent)

8 40ft x 40ft patchwork poem knitted by more than 1,000 people. (Times)

8 Poetry in the digital future (Bookseller)

8 Carol Ann Duffy reads poem for NPD (BBC)

8 Don Paterson wins Forward Prize (Standard)

8 TS Eliot is Nation's Favourite Poet (Times)

8 Joanna Lumley poetry album (Telegraph)

5 Poetry in the movies (Guardian)

5 Impact of postal strike on poetry (Evening Standard)

4 Poetry Please - featuring Poetry Society's knitted poem and poems for National Poetry Day (BBC)

4 Foyle Young Poets celebrated (IOS)


29 October hots up for poetry (Bookseller)

29 Atheism in verse (Guardian)

29 Books Etc high street stores to close (Independent)

27 Foyle Young Poets winners named on National Poetry Day (Telegraph)

27 Tess Gallagher publishes uncut Raymond Carver stories (Guardian)

27 Byron's letters discovered (Guardian)

26 30th anniversary of Poetry Please (This is Bristol.co.uk) 

26 Heaney's Beowulf - sophisticated people with a love of words (Guardian)

25 Scotland celebrates Adrian Mitchell (Times Online)

Wasafiri celebrates 25 years (Bookseller)

25 25 most influential books in the world includes Bishop, Heaney, Hughes, Ginsberg (Telegraph)

25 Learning to love poetry again(Guardian)

22 Tony Harrison gets Pen Pinter prize (Bookseller)

21 Slam poetry in Dubai (The National, UAE) 

19 The link between science and poetry (Guardian)

18 Don Paterson on new collection 'Rain' (Guardian)

17 Glyn Maxwell's poetry workshop on NPD theme of Heroes & Heroines (Guardian)

16 The uses of erotic poetry (Guardian)|

16 Judges lined up for Costa Poetry Award (Bookseller)

16 Bright Star reviewed (New York Times)

14 Jim Carroll (New York Times)

14 Nii Parkes to take role of Booktrust online writer in residence (Bookseller)

12 Enduring appeal of Samuel Johnson's 'Lives of the Most Eminent English Poets' (Guardian)

12 New Ted Hughes collection to be published after 50 years (Times Online)

11 Sheers, Gwyneth Lewis rework the Mabinogion (Bookseller)

War poetry from the perspective of 1944 (Guardian)

9 Poets visiting  hospices (Guardian)

8 Adam Foulds makes it to Man Booker shortlist (Bookseller)

7 ACE launch Artistic Assessors scheme (Bookseller)

7 Faber to run poetry-writing courses in Ireland (Bookseller)

5 The books that stand the test of time (New York Times)

5 John Cooper Clarke interview (Guardian)

5 Robert Fergusson's grave to be repaired (Daily Record)

3 Celebs invade the poetry world (Evening Standard)

3 US poetry greats translated into Arabic (Guardian)

Eliot rejected Bloomsbury group's 'cursed fund' to work in bank (Guardian)

1 Dic Jones: "face like an undertaker's shovel, but the mind of Byron"

1 Edmund Blunden's work goes online

1 Listen to Judith Palmer on BBC Radio 4: Nation's Favourite Poet poll 


30 Sergei Mikhalkov

28 Morrisons appoint 'food laureates' with help from the Poetry Society

28 The Guardian First Book Award includes poetry: Sian Hughes' 'The Missing'. Extract.

25 Alistair Te Ariki Campbell

22 The Forward Prize - 4 poets the judges missed (Carrie Etter, Pauline Stainer, David Constantine, Jane Draycott)

22 Richard Dawkins: "...
shamingly moved to tears when I read poetry aloud”.

21 David Fine - The Ashes poet

19 Poetry Society giant knitted poem takes shape

18 Duffy: My Edinburgh

18 Clive James: 'poetry will be the last thing I write'

14 Must Kipling be the 'nation's favourite poet?'

14 The meaning of Larkin's 'Aubade'

14 Students get question wrong on Uni Challenge

13 Jay Parini on Tennyson

12 Laureate selects poems for Xmas pamphlets

11 Poor. Old. Tired. Horse at the ICA

11 Sean O'Brien on a poet writing a novel

8 Gillian Clarke's poem for Harry Patch

8 Who are the real war poets?

8 Roger McGough interview

7 Writers and Artists yearbook web launch

7 The gift of a poem

7 Tribute to Mahmoud Darwish

7 Faber & Faber's 80th anniversary

6 Zephaniah's ska Jabberwocky

6 Tennyson monument unveiled

5 Booker prize boosts longlist sales

Muriel Spark biography

2 Tennyson's Lincolnshire

Yum! Yum! Delicious  Babies! 


31 Jul Laureate reviving public verse

30 Jul New Laureate poem to last WW1 survivors

29 Jul The real Raymond Carver

29 Jul Dylan Thomas's daughter dies

29 Jul Shatner reads Palin speech as poem

29 Jul John Clare novel in running for Booker

28 Jul Parenting advice from writers

27 Jul Salt Publishing update 

25 Jul Laureate war poems commission

23 Jul Forward Prize: Poetry Review poems nominated

22 Jul Keats's house reopens

21 Jul Jill Balcon obituary  

21 Jul Michael Rosen: portrait of the artist

20 Jul Poetry sales buck the economic trend

20 Jul Seamus Heaney interview

19 Jul Clive James: Oxford poetry professor?

17 Jul Guardian man at the Poetry Society

15 Jul BBC poetry season 'let down by poor production'

15 Jul Walt Whitman fans: JK Rowling and Jonathan Ross

14 Jul Carcanet summer sale

14 Jul Michael Rosen: what children's poetry is for

11 Jul Hugo Williams interviewed

11 Jul Harry Potter star is published poet

11 Jul Tennyson's Arthurian epic on BBC Radio 3

11 Jul Saving TS Eliot's Margate shelter

11 Jul Ledbury poets barred from Britain

5 Jul Madonna's producer records Tennyson poem 

4 Jul Benjamin Zephaniah: family values

4 Jul Oxfam launch book festival & Laureate writes Ode

1 Jul Wimbledon's poet in residence, Niall O'Sullivan

1 Jul TS Eliot's widow exults in poetry reading

30 Jun Matt Simpson

29 Jun Iran's National Poet speaks out

29 Jun Seething Wells 

28 Jun Gordon Brown seeks former Laureate's advice

25 Jun BBC season a huge boost to poetry sales

25 Jun Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets

25 Jun Beryl Fenton 

20 Jun Salt staves off bankruptcy  

19 Jun John Hegley: my family values
19 Jun Cholmondeley and Gregory winners in full
16 Jun Poetry Review Editor, Fiona Sampson, wins prestigious 2009 Cholmondeley Award
17 Jun Harold Norse
16 Jun Where poets have 'done it'

15 Jun Poets write the news
14 Jun Beat poets get Hollywood treatment

14 Jun Poetry Society SLAMbassadors UK interview

13 Jun Laureate's first official poem: 'Politics'

13 Jun Honours: Andrew Motion, Christopher Ricks knighted, Bernadine Evaristo gets MBE

12 Jun Poetry and fame
12 Jun New premises for Arvonand others

8 Jun Ted Hughes poem discovered

8 Jun Robert Burns - the new face of Coca Cola

6 Jun Is there a corner for poetry?

6 Jun Laureate poet for Australia?

5 Jun Guardian man stands for Oxford professor - gets advice from the Poetry Society

5 Jun Rosen heads children's reading campaign

1 Jun ACE launch Sustain to provide extra Arts support

1 Jun University teaching post for Walcott

1 Jun Oxford poetry row moves into verse

1 Jun Griffin Poetry Prize latest

1 Jun Armitage to curate Cheltenham Festival

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