Poetry in the News 2010


31 Jackie Kay for Scotland's National Poet! (Guardian)

31 Berlin 'bombed' with poetry in anti-war protest (Guardian)

30 We May Have Found the Beat, but We Haven’t Found the Groove (Spectator)

27 Katherine Towers on Guardian First Book Award longlist. Read extracts (Guardian)

27 Dylan Thomas Centre puts poetry at the heart of its live offerings (BBC)

27 Frank Kermode's love for poets and poetry (Telegraph)

24 Ghazi al-Gosaibi obituary (Guardian)

23 Poetry Society member Gill McEvoy wins Cinnamon Press Birthday Competition

21 English Elms by Carol Ann Duffy, commissioned for Newsnight (BBC)

21 Shortlist for Nation's Favourite countryside poem (Telegraph)

19 AB Jackson wins Edwin Morgan Poetry Comp. PS Member Marianne Burton 3rd. PS Member Fiona Benson one of runners-up

19 Scots Makar Edwin Morgan dies (BBC)

19 Poet Laureate Carol Ann Duffy pays tribute to Edwin Morgan: "He was poetry’s true son and blessed by her." (Scottish Poetry Library)

18 Jeanette Winterson hits out at Libraries threat (Guardian)

18 12% of boys write poems, 21% of girls (National Literacy Trust)

18 Frank Kermode obituary (Telegraph)

17 Poetry Society Member Carrie Etter wins £2500 London New Poetry Award  (blog)

17 Narayan Surve, Marathi poet, dies (Times of India)

11 Commuters pay poetic tribute to Tube (Standard)

11 The public role of the private writer (Guardian)

10 Who are the most overrated contemporary writers in the world? (Guardian)

7 Carol Ann Duffy poem responds to Royal Mail deleting counties from  database (Guardian)

2 Embarrassing poem for Chelsea Clinton's wedding (Telegraph)

2 Poem of the week: Schubertiad by Fiona Sampson (Guardian)


31 The new wave of literary events (Guardian)
30 Ten years of Salt (Guardian)

27 Arts for everyone is cheap considering its rich returns (Polly Toynbee, The Guardian)

27 Arts cuts reveal the government's poor business sense (Guardian)

26 Tuli Kupferberg obituary (Guardian)

26 Simon Armitage's progress on the Pennine Way (BBC News)

25 Let's cut the Arts budget - Mark Ravenhill (Guardian)

24 Jo Shapcott: "I'm not someone chasing her own ambulance" (Guardian)

21 School libraries failling to meet standards (Bookseller)

21 Dylan Thomas Prize longlist inc PS member Caroline Bird (Bookseller)

21 Siegfried Sassoon archive in Cambridge (Guardian)

20 GF Dutton obituary by Anne Stevenson (Guardian)

20 Forward shortlist includes Poetry Review Editor Fiona Sampson and NPC runner-up Ian Pindar (Guardian)

20 Seamus Heaney Award shortlist inc PS Members Lorraine Mariner and Anne Berkeley

19 Brit Writers' Awards (Bookseller)

19 Latitude review (Independent)

16 Benjamin Zephaniah helps promote Welsh-Jamaica link (BBC)

15 Poetry International Web UK launch

15 £6,000 Auden bargain

15 Pete Morgan obituary (Guardian)

15 The rise of the literary night out (Independent)

14 Why the arts matter (Arts Council)

13 Salt relaunch 'Just One Book' campaign (Bookseller)

10 Carol Ann Duffy commissions sport poems (Guardian)

9 The arts need a really big give that never stops giving - Peter Bazalgette, ENO (Guardian)

7 PS members Nina Boyd and Suzanna Fitzpatrick shortlisted for Buxton Poetry Competition

7 PS member and poet Adam Horovitz voted onto the annual Hospital Club 100 list for rising stars of the British creative industries. (Independent)

7 Sponsor a Larkin toad!

7 Todd Swift's top 5 poets 2005-2010 (Eyewear blog)

Poetry Society members Hilary Menos and Ian McEwen win 2010 Templar Poetry Pamphlet and Collection Prize

5 Help translate a poem into the many languages of London

5 Ledbury asks: which words disturb you? (Guardian)

3 HMV 'may sell Waterstones' (Daily Mail)

1 WS Merwin is 17th US Poet Laureate (Washington Post)


30 Philip Gross wins Wales Book of the Year (BBC Wales)

30 BBC to dramatise Christopher Reid poem (Guardian)

30  £2500 London New Poetry Award. Congrats to all on  shortlist including PS members Carrie Etter, David Briggs, Hilary Menos & Katrina Naomi

23 2010 TS Eliot judges announced (booktrade)

18 Oxford Poetry Professor announced (Guardian)

18 Judith Palmer, director of the Poetry Society: "One of the things poetry gives all of us is a way of developing an attentiveness to life, a way of observing the world, of noticing things and seeing them differently" (Guardian)

18 Fiona Sampson: Book of a Lifetime (Independent)

17 Winners of 2009 Michael Marks Awards for Poetry Pamphlets (Poetry Book Society)

16 Cholmondeley and Gregory Awards winners announced (Society of Authors) 

15 David Chaloner obituary (Guardian)

15 Academi International Comp winners include PS members Jane Aspinall (2nd), Naomi Foyle and Jane Kirwan

15 Michael Horovitz: Portrait of the beatnik as an old poet (Standard)

15 Oxford Professor of Poetry candidate is under-qualified, claims rival (Telegraph)

15 Simon Armitage: Why I love goalkeepers (Guardian)

13 Wendy Cope, Simon Armitage and Michael Longley receive Honours  (Guardian)

10 Philip Larkin, his father, and a trip to see the Nazis (Telegraph)

10 Small press poetry publishers 'can't afford' to enter Guardian First Book Award (Bookseller) 

10 Oxford Poetry Professor sexism claims (Telegraph)

9 Roger Lewis, Oxford Poetry Professor candidate: Now here's what I call poetry (Telegraph)

8 Booked Up campaign: free poetry anthology for children (Bookseller) 

5 Poetry 'in the ascendant' with young, claims Carol Ann Duffy (Telegraph)

5 Jackie Kay interview (Telegraph)

3 Peter Orlovsky, Allen Ginsberg’s partner, dies at 77 (Boston Edge) 

3 Eiléan Ní Chuilleanáin 
wins $75,000 Griffin Poetry Prize (Irish Times)

3 Byron and Shelley were 'monsters' (Guardian)

3 Why everyone hates poetry (Chicago Time Out)

Andrei Voznesensky, poet, dies at 77 (NY Times)

1 "There are more bodyguards here than poets" Simon Armitage at the Hay Festival (Guardian)


30 Sean Haldane: 'I now think poetry has more capacity to change people than psychotherapy' (Observer)

26 Edoardo Sanguineti obituary (Guardian)

26 Inaugural Picador Prize launched (booktrade.info)

26 What's the best poetry to learn by heart? (Guardian)

24 Arts Council statement on budget cuts (press release)

24 'Poetry' wins Best Screenplay at Cannes (The Chosun Ilbo)

19 Interview with Jeremy Hunt, Culture Secretary (Guardian)

19 Wimbledon appoints first poet-laureate - following Niall O'Sullivan, Nii Parkes and Roger Robinson's 2009 blogging residency (Guardian)

Candidates lay out plans for Oxford poetry professorship (Guardian)

12 Hull to mark Larkin anniversary with Giant Toads (Guardian)

12 Michael Marks Awards (for poetry pamphlets) shortlist (Bookseller)

12 Does poetry matter? (New York Times)

11 Ruth Padel to chair judges for Forward Prize (Bookseller)

7 Oxford professor race narrows to final 11 (Guardian)

7 'Democracy' by Carol Ann Duffy - new poem (Guardian)

6 Elena Shvarts obituary (Guardian)

6 Russell Crowe: 'I'm not a hard man, I like poetry and wear make-up for a living' (Telegraph)


29 PS Member Gill McEvoy 3rd in English Association Fellows' Poetry Prize. Other PS members commended - Kate Miller, Nina Boyd, Gill Learner.  

29 PS Members Gill McEvoy, Jane Routh, Christopher North, Samantha Wynne-Rhydderch, Sheila Wild and Adam Strickson runners-up in East Riding Poetry Comp

29 Marilyn Monroe's poetry (Telegraph). Read

29 Michael Horovitz stands for Oxford poetry professor role (Guardian)

28 Stephen Moss stands for Oxford poetry chair (Guardian)

28 Strokestown Poetry Prize shortlist includes PS members Gavin Bantock, Julian Stannard and Pam Zinneman-Hope

25 Alan Sillitoe (Guardian)

24 Helen Dunmore - a life in writing (Guardian)

23 Peter Porter (Guardian)

23 We are sorry to report the sad news that poet Peter Porter died this afternoon, 23 April. 

23 PS member Martyn Crucefix 3rd in Iota Poetry Competition. Other members shortlisted: Christopher North, Kate Miller, Ben Wilkinson, Kevin Russell Pavier & Rosie Shepperd. (Iota)

21 Winners of first £5k Hippocrates Prize for Poetry and Medicine announced  - including PS Member Wendy French (Warwick News)

21 Poetry from Jasmine Donahaye, Philip Gross and Richard Marggraf Turley longlisted for £10k Wales Book of of the Year (BBC)

20 Read 'Silver Lining' by Carol Ann Duffy (Times)

20 Oxford Poetry Professor latest (Guardian)

19 Carolyn Rodgers, leading poet of the Black Arts Movement, dies (NY Times)

19 Laureate's poem (audio)on volcanic ash cloud (BBC)

16 EU President publishes book of haikus (Guardian)

16 90 year old wins $100,000 poetry award (Guardian)

14 British Library archive throws new light on Plath-Hughes relationship (Guardian)

14 New 'City Poems' iPhone app (Guardian)

13 Politicians on a rocky road to poets' corner (Olivia Cole, Evening Standard)

12 Poetry Society members Chrissie Gittins and Philip Gross selected by PBS for Children's Bookshelf (Booktrade)

4 Interview with Joan Bakewell: "Copies of the London Review of Books and Poetry Review lie on a large glass table, beside a bowl of tulips" (Guardian)

1 Launch of April's Poetry International Web - UK


31 Listen to Helen Dunmore talking about her NPC win on Radio 4's Front Row (BBC)

31 "...the Ted Hughes Award could go from strength to strength" (Rachel McCarthy, in the Bookseller) 

30 Helen Dunmore wins National Poetry Competition (Guardian)

30 Alice Oswald wins inaugural Ted Hughes Award (Guardian) 

25 Geoffrey Hill confirmed as Oxford Professor candidate (Times)

25 Poet Ai dies at 62 (Guardian)

23 Poetry Society Youth Member Emily Harrison wins Christopher Tower (Booktrade)

23 Ted Hughes joins literary greats at Poets' Corner. Judith Palmer, Director of the Poetry Society: "an exciting and brave decision"

18 Is there any value to learning poetry by heart? (Independent)

17 Poet Laureate ode to David Beckham (Times)

13 Laureate invites poets to write on theme of ageing (Guardian)

12 Why pop and poetry are not such strange bedfellows (Guardian)

10 Labour's lost loves: art and poetry. If the party is to reconnect with its soul, it needs to revive the passion for culture that seems to have ended with Michael Foot (Guardian)

8 Ben Whishaw interview on day of Bright Star DVD release (Metro)

8 Carol Ann Duffy is going the distance (Independent)

7 I've had the rhyme of my life: inside a prestigious getaway for Foyle Young Poets of the Year. Enter the 2010 competition. (IOS) 

6 Tory plans for poetry (Daily Mail)

3 Chatto & Windus publish charity poetry/prose anthology designed to be read aloud (Bookseller)

3 Douglas Dunn on Oxford Poetry professor role: "I don't have time to dedicate to the post" (Edinburgh Journal)

2 Abraham Sutzkever: last great Yiddish poet and a defender of his language (Guardian)

1 Duffy: "The people of Haiti need our humanity right now" (BBC)
1 John Rety obit (Telegraph) 


26 Alice Oswald on poetry and performance (Times)

24 Dennis Brutus obituary (Guardian)

23 Stephen Moss: My bid for Oxford poetry glory (Guardian)

22 Shadow Culture Secretary: "It's going to be tough" (Guardian)

20 My Martini time with Auden - Andrew Motion (Times)

18 Nominations open for Oxford Poetry Professor

17 Children's poetry can be successful (Bookseller)

17 Lucille Clifton, first Afro-American poet to win Ruth Lilly Prize, dies (New York Times)

14 Valentine's Day poetry lights up Edinburgh Castle rock (BBC)

13 Carol Ann Duffy reveals her favourite love poems (Telegraph)

11 Carol Ann Duffy to lead another Haiti fundraiser in Edinburgh (Scotsman)

9 John Rety (Camden New Journal)

9 Poetry makes you blush (BBC) 

9 Win Seamus Heaney tickets (Guardian)

8 Ruth Padel: "I'm not in the business of undermining other writers." (Scotsman)

7 Carol Ann Duffy on why she would make a naughty nun.(Times)

Pam Ayres - why opportunity still knocks (Telegraph)

2 Poetry Society member (and multi-Foyle winner) Helen Mort wins £1k Cafe Writers Competition. PS member (and 2007 National runner up) Rosemary Norman, is 2nd.
Other PS members in the commended list include Ian McEwen and Lydia Macpherson.


31 Poetry for Haiti review (Huffington Post)

30 Gordon Brown at Haiti poetry fundraiser: "You know that poetry does what ordinary words can never do themselves alone. Instead of narrowing our view of the world, poetry broadens and deepens our understanding." (BBC)

30 It's a great week for poetry, but when is it not? (Erica Wagner, Times)

29 Josephine Hart on how poetry conquered the Costa (Times)

29 Christopher Reid interview (Guardian)

29 Laureate praises Arctic Monkeys for their poetry (Telegraph)

29 "Poetry in the cinema is embarrassing" (Guardian)

28 Poets to hold 'literary Live-Aid' for Haiti (BBC)

27 How much of a sales boost will the Costa give A Scattering? (Bookseller)

27 Christopher Reid's A Scattering wins £30,0000 Costa Prize (Guardian)

27 Simon Armitage's Madeleine McCann poem (Times)

25 Poets for Haiti (Guardian)

25 Girls love a Bard boy (Sun)

24 Nobel Prize winner looking forward to poetry (Times)

23 My father, my hero - Philip Gross (Guardian)

22 The perils of putting poetry on stage (Guardian)

20 Philip Gross talks about The Water Table (Telegraph)

20 Bright Star on Evening Standard film award shortlists (Standard)

19 Philip Gross (2009 Stanza Competition judge) wins £15,000 TS Eliot prize (BBC) 

19 Andrew Motion: the teacher who inspired me (Guardian)

18 My Media / Christopher Reid: "Of specialist poetry mags, Poetry Review, Poetry London, the Rialto and the Long Poem are worth keeping up with." (Guardian)

18 Ruth Lilly, major funder of 'Poetry' magazine and Poetry Foundation, dies (Times Online)

18 Aloud and proud: the new performance poetry, featuring Luke Wright and Ross Sutherland (Independent)

17 My St Lucia: Derek Walcott - (Observer Travel supplement)

16 Gordon Brown and Nelson Mandela name 'Invictus' as favourite poem (Guardian)

15 Canadian Poet P.K. Page dies aged 93 (CBC)

14 Waterstone's: "the book chain's likely future looks as slim as one of those volumes of poetry that you won't find in its celebrity-heavy outlets" (Bookseller)

14 Audio: TS Eliot shortlisted poets  (BBC)

12 TS Eliot shortlist reviewed by Alan Brownjohn (Sunday Times)

12 Hull organises Philip Larkin tourist tour for 25th anniversary of death (Telegraph)

10 Christopher Reid interview (Telegraph)

9 Motion and Geoffrey Hill early possibles for Oxford poetry professor (Telegraph)

8 Too much rap, not enough proper poetry, says former laureate Andrew Motion (Guardian)

Christopher Reid wins the Costa Poetry Awards for Scattering (BBC)

1 Don Paterson is awarded Queen's Gold Medal for Poetry (Times)

1 Lemn Sissay receives MBE for services to literature. Lemn was a judge of the Foyle Young Poets Awards in 2009 (Telegraph)

1 Harry Chambers editor of Peterloo Poets for 37 years receives MBE for services to poetry (Peterloo)

1 Sir Andrew Motion considers Oxford poetry professor role (Telegraph)