New and forthcoming publications  2010

Here is a list of poetry collections scheduled for publication in 2010. Please note: the month of publication may change. Please contact individual publishers for further information.

Publishers, please send title listings to: publications AT


Elisabeth Bletsoe: Pharmacopaeia and Early Selected Works (Shearsman Books)
Mahadai Das: A Leaf in His Ear: Selected Poems (Peepal Tree Press)
Carol Ann Duffy: Love Poems (Picador)
Tsvetanka Elnkova: The Seventh Gesture. Translated by Jonathan Dunne (Shearsman Books)
Sylva Fischerova: The Swing in the Middle of Chaos (Bloodaxe)
Robin Ford: On the Brink (Cinnamon Press)
Brandi Homan: Bobcat Country (Shearsman Books)
Jenny Hope: Petrolhead (Oversteps Books)
Gwyneth Lewis: A Hospital Odyssey (Bloodaxe)
Lachlan Mackinnon: Small Hours (Faber)
Elaine Randell: Faulty Mothering (Shearsman Books)
Pia Tafdrup: Tarkovsky’s Horses and other poems (Bloodaxe)
Priscilla Uppal: Successful Tragedies (Bloodaxe)
Ida Vitale, Katherine M. Hedeen, and Víctor Rodríguez Núñez: Garden of Silica (Earthworks) (Salt)


Rosa Alcala: Undocumentaries (Shearsman Books)
Bob Beagrie: The Seer Sung Husband (Smokestack Books)
Stewart Conn: The Breakfast Room (Bloodaxe)
Kwame Dawes: Red (Peepal Tree Press)
Kwame Dawes: Back of Mount Peace (Peepal Tree Press)
Cheryl Follon: Dirty Looks (Bloodaxe)
Rosie Garner: The Rain Diaries (Salt)
Anson Gonzales: Artefacts of Presence (Peepal Tree Press)
Sian Hughes: The Missing (Salt)
Carolyn Jess-Cooke: Inroads (Seren Books)
Kona Macphee: Perfect Blue (Bloodaxe)
Camille Martin: Sonnets (Shearsman Books)
Alan Morrison: Keir Hardie Street (Smokestack Books)
Christopher North: Explaining the Circumstances (Oversteps Books)
Robin Robertson: The Wrecking Light (Picador)
Louis Simpson: Voices in the Distance (Bloodaxe)
Steve Spence: A Curious Shipwreck (Shearsman Books)
Deborah Tyler-Bennett: Pavilion (Smokestack Books)


Rachel Blau DuPlessis: Pitch: Drafts 77-95 (Salt)
Phil Bowen: Cuckoo Rock (Salt)
Tom Clark: Something in the Air (Shearsman Books)
Catherine Hales: hazard or fall (Shearsman Books)
Michael Heller: Beckmann Variations & other poems (Shearsman Books)
Edward Hirsch: The Living Fire (Carcanet Press)
Becka Mara McKay: A Meteorologist in the Promised Land (Shearsman Books)
Patrick McGuinness: Jilted City (Carcanet Press)
Ruth Padel: Silent Letters of the Alphabet (Bloodaxe)
Mario Petrucci: i tulips (Enitharmon Press)
Jaime Robles: Anime Animus Anima (Shearsman Books)
George Szirtes: Fortinbras at the Fishhouses: Responsibility, the Iron Curtain and the Sense of History as Knowledge (Bloodaxe)
Simon Perril: Nitrate (Salt)
Derek Walcott: White Egrets (Salt)


Chris Abani: Feed Me the Sun (Peepal Tree Press)
Lars Amund Vaage: Outside the Institution. Selected Poems. Translated by Hanne Bramness &Frances Presley (Shearsman Books)
Matthew Caley: Apparently (Bloodaxe)
Maria do Cebreiro: I Am Not From Here. Translated by Helena Miguelez-Caraballeira (Shearsman Books)
Hugh Dunkerly: Hare (Cinnamon Press)
Hilary Elfick: An Ordinary Storm (Oversteps Books)
Joanna Ezekiel: Centuries of Skin (Ragged Raven)
Aaron Fagan: Echo Train (Salt)
Nigel Forde: The Choir Outing (Carcanet Press)
Damian Furniss: Chocolate Che (Shearsman Books)
Mark Granier: Fade Street (Salt)
Helen Ivory: The Breakfast Machine (Bloodaxe)
Judy Kendall: Joy Change (Cinnamon Press)
Nancy Kuhl: Suspend (Shearsman Books)
Jay Merill: God of Pigeons (Salt)
Jennie Osborne: How to be Naked (Oversteps Books)
Alasdair Paterson: On the Governing of Empires (Shearsman Books)
David Sergeant: Talk like Galileo (Shearsman Books)
John Stammers: Interior Night (Picador)
Adnieszka Studzinska: Snow Calling (Salt)
Robert Sullivan: Shout Ha! To the Sky (Salt)
Scott Thurston: Internal Rhyme (Shearsman Books)
Rhys Trimble: Keinc (Cinnamon Press)
Marina Tsvetaeva: Art in the Light of Conscience (Bloodaxe)


Martin Anderson: The Hoplite Journals XXX-LIX (Shearsman Books)
Simon Armitage: Seeing Stars (Faber)
Fleur Adcock: Dragon Talk (Bloodaxe)
David Briggs: The Method Men (Salt)
Katie Donovan: Rootling (Bloodaxe)
Joe Dunthorpe: Faber New Poets 5 (Faber)
Louise Gluck: A Village Life (Carcanet Press)
Brian Henry: Wings Without Birds (Salt)
Norbert Hummelt: Berlin Fresco – Selected Poems. Translated by Catherine Hales) (Shearsman Books)
Annie Katchinska: Faber New Poets 6 (Faber)
John Matthias: Trigons (Shearsman Books)
Grace Nichols: I Have Crossed an Ocean (Bloodaxe)
Pascale Petit: What the Water Gave Me (Seren Books)
Peter Porter: The Rest on the Flight (Picador)
Sam Riviere: Faber New Poets 7 (Faber)
Fiona Sampson: Rough Music (Carcanet Press)
Simon Smith: London Bridge (Salt)
Chase Twichell: Horses Where the Answers Should Have Been (Bloodaxe)
Robert Vas Dias: Still - Life (Shearsman Books)
Tom Warner: Faber New Poets 8 (Faber)
Michael Zand: Lion: the Iran Poems (Shearsman Books)


Simon Barraclough: Bonjour Tetris (Penned in the Margins)
Lucie Brock-Broido: Soul Keeping Company: Selected Poems (Carcanet Press)
Dan Chiasson: Where's the Moon, There's the Moon (Bloodaxe)
Francis Combes: Common Cause. Translated by Alan Dent (Smokestack Books)
Kristin Dimitrova: My Life in Squares. Translated by Vladimir Trendafilov (Smokestack Books)
Elaine Feinstein:Cities (Carcanet Press)
Roy Fisher: Standard Midland (Bloodaxe)
John Fuller and David Hurn: Writing the Picture (Seren Books)
Miriam Gamble: The Squirrels Are Dead (Bloodaxe)
Philip Gross: Off Road to Everywhere (Salt) [Children’s]
Sheila Hillier: A Quechua Confession Manual (Cinnamon Press)
Tony Hoagland: Unincorporated Persons in the Late Honda Dynasty (Bloodaxe)
Wes Magee: Joyriding! (Salt)
John Mole and Mary Norman: All the Frogs (Salt) [Children’s]
Tom Raworth: Windmills in Flames: Old and New Poems (Carcanet Press)
Anna Robinson: The Finders of London (Enitharmon Press)
Carol Rumens: De Chirico’s Threads (Seren Books)
John Siddique: Don’t Wear it on Your Head, Don’t Stick it Down Your Pants (Salt) [Children’s]
Anthony Thwaite: Late Poems (Enitharmon Press)
Angela Topping: The New Generation (Salt)


Judith Aronson: Likenesses (Carcanet Press)
Maria Baranda: Ficticia. Translated by Joshua Edwards (Shearsman Books)
Alan Brownjohn: Ludbrooke and Others (Enitharmon Press)
Christian Campbell: Running the Dusk (Peepal Tree Press)
Eleanor Cooke: The Return (Salt)
Stephen Derwent Partington: How to Euthanise a Cactus (Cinnamon Press)
U.A. Fanthorpe: New and Collected Poems (Enitharmon Press)
John Gallas: Forty Lies (Carcanet Press)
Robert Hull: High Tide (Salt)
Ishion Hutchison: Far District (Peepal Tree Press)
Gill McEvoy: The Plucking Shed (Cinnamon Press)Kei Miller: A Light Song of Light (Carcanet Press)
Andras Mezei: Christmas in Auschwitz. Translated by Thomas Orszag (Smokestack Books)
Geoffrey O’Brien: Early Autumn (Salt)
Mark Rudman: The Motel En Route to Life Out There: Selections from the Rider Quintet (Salt)
Jo Shapcott: Of Mutability (Faber)
Katharine Towers: The Floating Man (Picador)


Nii Ayikwei Parkes: The Makings of You (Peepal Tree Press)
J.C. Hall: Long Shadows (Faber)
Anthony Rudolf: Zig Zag (Carcanet Press)
Robert Saxton: Hesiod’s Calendar (Carcanet Press)
John Whale: Waterloo Teeth (Carcanet Press)


John Ashbery: Collected Poems 1956-1987(Carcanet Press)
Mary Coleridge: Selected Poems (ed. Simon Avery) (Shearsman Books)
Daniel Healy: Facsimilies (Cinnamon Press)
Seamus Heaney: Human Chain (Faber)
Paul Hodgson and Dan Burt: Cold Eye (Carcanet Press)
Maryrose Larkin: The Name of this Intersection is Frost (Shearsman Books)
Rupert Loydell: The Fantasy Kid (Salt) [Children’s]
Michael O'Siadhail: Tongues (Bloodaxe)
Omar Sabbagh: My Only ever Oedipal Complaint (Cinnamon Press)
Peter Sansom: Selected Poems (Carcanet Press)
Rabindranath Tagore: I Won't Let You Go (new edition): Translated by Ketaki Kushari (Bloodaxe)
Mervyn Taylor: No Back Door (Shearsman Books)
Philip Terry: Shakespeare’s Sonnets (Carcanet Press)
C.K. Williams: Wait (Bloodaxe)
Anna Woodford: Birdhouse (Salt)


Christopher Brownsword: Icarus Was Right! (Shearsman Books)
Kelvin Corcoran: Hotel Shadow (Shearsman Books)
Ian Davidson: Partly in Riga and Other Poems (Shearsman Books)
Shira Dentz: black seeds on a white dish (Shearsman Books)
Norman Jope: Dreams of the Caucasus (Shearsman Books)
Cralan Kelder: Give Some Word (Shearsman Books)
Mary Leader: Beyond the Fire (Shearsman Books)
Karin Lessing: Collected Poems (Shearsman Books)
Harry Martinson: Chickweed Wintergreen (Bloodaxe)
Christopher Middleton: Poems 2006-2009 (Shearsman Books)
Lawrence Sail: Waking Dreams (Bloodaxe)
Penelope Shuttle: Sandgrain and Hourglass (Bloodaxe)
Brian Turner: Phantom Noise (Bloodaxe)
Padrika Tarrant: The Knife Drawer (Salt)


David Morley: Enchantment (Carcanet Press)
Les Murray: Taller When Prone (Carcanet Press)
Ruth Fainlight: New & Collected Poems (Bloodaxe)
Cralan Kelder: Give Some Word (Shearsman Books)
Arun Kolatkar: Collected Poems in English (Bloodaxe)
Omar Perez: Did You Hear About the Fighting Cat?. Translated by Kristin Dykstra (Shearsman Books)
Glen Phillips: The Moon Belongs to No One: New and Selected Poems (Salt)
Peter Reading: Vendage Tardive (Bloodaxe)
Robert Sheppard: Berlin Bursts and other poems (Shearsman Books)
Matthew Sweeney: The Night Post (Salt)
Alan Wall: Doctor Placebo (Shearsman Books)
Craig Watson: Blue Orpheus (Shearsman Books)


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